Logs & Kindling

We keep a good stock of bagged kiln dried logs, nets of kindling sticks and various heat logs.

All of our products are Ready to Burn. Ready to Burn is a Government backed scheme designed to promote the burning of properly dry firewood – which means wood that has a moisture content of less than 20%.

Better for you, better for environment


We can also deliver a ‘Barrow Bag’ of Ready to Burn kiln dried logs – approx. bag size 960mm x 480mm –  delivered to your doorstep, garage or shed. The logs are stacked within the bag so as to give maximum value for money. We’re talking a lot of logs!! Price is £65.00 per bag including delivery to whichever (within reason!) spot in your garden suits you best.

And if you really do use a lot of logs, why not choose our Ready to Burn Dumpy Bag option. Equivalent to 3 x Barrow Bags, the Dumpy bag is priced at just £165.00. (Please note you will need a suitable and accessible area for the logs to be offloaded)

Please note:

We DO NOT delivery over 20 miles away from our yard based in Staverton. If you are unsure as to whether or not you qualify for delivery, please feel free to contact us first either by phone or email to get clarification before committing to the purchase.