About Us

Solid fuel, Logs, Kindling and Gas Supplier

Our fuel lorries with the MDavies logo have been a familiar sight around the Daventry area now for nearly 50 years! The photos below date back to the late 70’s – our first coal yard, on the Royal Oak Industrial Estate in Daventry.

Dave’s father started the business, as a Coal Merchant, and although sadly Mick (hence M Davies) is no longer with us, we are proud of our legacy and work hard to keep this family business a success.

Coal is where we started, but over the years we have extended the types of fuel offered to include the full range of smokeless fuels, logs, kindling, charcoal, bottled propane and butane, industrial welding gases.

Please note, we no longer deliver solid fuel in loose sacks – our fuel is now all pre-packed in convenient 25kg plastic bags

m davies base in Royal Oak Industrial Estate

Our first showroom, on the Royal Oak Industrial Estate in the 1970s.