Calor Update

Changes to our cylinder range

 From 1 st February 2023 the following cylinders will be discontinued: Cube, 3.9kg Propane, 4.5kg Butane, 6Lite Propane and 12kg Butane cylinders.

Why have we done this?

Improving our cylinder service is a priority. Our existing range of cylinders is creating complexity within our supply chain. This means longer change over times and reduced filling capacity on high volume key sizes. That’s why we’ve taken the difficult decision to reduce our cylinder range, simplifying the business.

We realise this change will affect customers that rely on these sizes, but we know these changes are necessary to significantly improve our cylinder service.

Suitable Alternatives

There are suitable alternatives to these cylinder sizes within our range, or within the Campingaz range. For example, customers looking for a 3.9kg Propane can be offered a 6kg Propane, and those looking for a 4.5kg Butane offered a 7kg Butane.

For more information on suitable alternatives and safely changing the regulator, visit

Exchange Groups & CRA Charges

We’re also making changes to our Cylinder Exchange Groups and the Cylinder Refill Agreement (CRA).

Please note:

We DO NOT delivery over 20 miles away from our yard based in Staverton. If you are unsure as to whether or not you qualify for delivery, please feel free to contact us first either by phone or email to get clarification before committing to the purchase.