Solid Fuel


We have a wide range of solid fuels - housecoal or smokeless ovoids - to choose from and, if you live within a 25 mile radius of our base in Staverton we can deliver direct to your home

All fuels come in 25kg bags. If you need advice, have a look at the breakdown of categories and fuels below - or just give us call or email.

Remember - for local addresses we can deliver fuel straight to your door! Give us a call or email, or use our online ordering system.



Which type of fuel to use can be a complex question, and it is important to get it right!  We've broken down our range into general use categories, but if you need any help picking, just ask.  

Prices listed below are based on purchasing a small number of bags (less than 20).  This price can be reduced if you wish to purchase larger quantities - please call or email for details. 


Order online and have it delivered to your home address within a couple of days.