Logs, Kindling & Heat Logs

We keep a good stock of bagged, seasoned, and kiln dried logs, nets of kindling sticks and various heat logs

For deliveries, call or email us, or use our online order page.

All of our logs are suitable for use in woodburners or open fires - any questions, just give us a call.  

Barrow Bag from £35.00

Barrow Bag from £35.00

We can also deliver a 'Barrow Bag' of kiln dried logs - approx. bag size 960mm x 480mm -  delivered to your doorstep, garage or shed. Prices start at £34.00 per bag, for a delivery of 4 bags at a time,  but if you only want 1 bag, we can do this too for just £40.00.

Or, for those who like to buy in bulk, we can deliver a ‘Dumpy Bag’, tipped onto the driveway at the cost of £110.00 inc VAT. The quantity of logs in a Dumpy Bag is equivalent to approx 4 x Barrow Bags.

Check out our online ordering page for full details.