Woodburning or Multifuel?

The Charnwood Country stoves all start life as a Woodburner only.  This means that they have a flat empty base - no grate or ashpan.  

Wood burns best when sitting on a hot flat bed - it doesn't need a lot of air being directed from below the fire to help it burn. So, no need for a grate.  Each day, you light your fire on the ashes of the previous one.  Every few days you will need to clear away the ashes and the only way to do this is by shoveling them out.  Not a difficult job, but a bit messy!

The addition of a Multifuel kit (riddling grate and ashpan) means that you can burn smokeless coal as well as wood. Smokeless coal does need air to be directed from below, so it needs to sit on a grate, which can be easily cleared by riddling all ash into the ashpan below.  If burning wood on a grate, you simply don't riddle!  Some ash will drop through naturally, but you can just let most of it sit there, lighting your fire on the ash from the previous one like before.  Every couple of days simply empty the ashpan. (You can riddle if you really want to - depends on how much ash your wood is producing!)

So, if you go for the Woodburning option - you get no grate and no ashpan - you have to shovel the ashes out.  If you choose Multifuel, then not only will you have the choice of burning alternative fuels, you will also get to riddle and empty the ashpan - a lot easier way of keeping the stove clean.

I know which one I'd go for !

By the way, you can't burn ordinary coal in any stove.  Coal is just too dirty - it can clog up the flues, the firebox, the liner...... until everything comes to a grinding halt!  Always use wood and/or smokeless coal (ovoids, anthracite, heatlogs).



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