Chimney Sweeps

nick wright.jpeg


A lined chimney or independent flue system should be swept at least once a year, dependent on the quality of fuel you are using.

It's a good idea to have your stove checked over once a year too, just to keep an eye on it and make sure nothing is likely to go wrong with it when you need it most! This is no longer a service we provide ourselves, but we are happy to recommend a local sweep (Nick Wright) who offers a 'Sweep & Service' package, including sweeping the liner (or flue) and then inspecting the seals, firebricks and baffle on the stove, ensuring all is as it should be, replacing parts if necessary.

Nick is a qualified chimney sweep; he will leave you with a Chimney Cleaning Certificate on completion of the sweep.  And, as he uses the latest technology - Rodtech power sweeping tools  - your chimney will benefit from a cleaner and more thorough sweep than normal brushes.