Chimney Sweeps


A lined chimney or independent flue system should be swept at least once a year, dependent on the quality of fuel you are using.

It's a good idea to have your stove checked over once a year too, just to keep an eye on it and make sure nothing is likely to go wrong with it when you need it most! We offer a 'Sweep & Service' package which includes sweeping the liner (or flue) and then inspecting the seals, firebricks and baffle on the stove, ensuring all is as it should be, replacing parts if necessary.

Dave is a qualified chimney sweep.  He uses the latest technology - Rodtech power sweeping tools  - which ensures a cleaner and more thorough sweep than normal brushes.   

We charge £50.00 + VAT for this service (not including any replacement parts ie. firebricks, glass panel) and will issue you with a Chimney Cleaning Certificate.