Stûv Micro Mega

Stuv Micro Mega with White Facade

Stuv Micro Mega with White Facade

No photos or words can truly describe the beauty of this range of stoves.  Seeing is believing and all we can say is come and see for yourself. These stoves really are in a class of their own.  Stûv are a Belgian company.  They manufacture a whole range of very sophisticated stoves - at present, we have just two on display. 

The Micro Mega is.........well, what can we's awesome!  Actually that's not the right word, it's.........breath-taking!  Im not sure that's right either!  What did I say about words not being able to truly describe these stoves???   Ideal for the new build but also suitable to install into certain existing fireplaces (assuming flue sizes and clearances are adequate) , these stoves are just outstanding (no, that's not quite right either....?.  

The  Stûv MicroMega can be fitted with a surround................

as a freestanding model...........

or with side-cupboards as complete unit ..........................

I know.....bit clever isn't it..!

I know.....bit clever isn't it..!

It is the most efficient stove in our showroom  - and the cleverest; it operates as cleanly and as economically at reduced output (5kw) as it does at full output (11kw).  

We built a new fireplace in our showroom to then fit the MicroMega, with a White Facade.  We love the retractable glass door and the ability to turn an efficient, complex,  woodburning stove into a crackling open fire.......just waiting for marshmallow toasting!  (ok, maybe 'awesome' is the right word after all!)

Stûv  MicroMega, built-in with White Facade, as displayed in our showroom

Stûv MicroMega, built-in with White Facade, as displayed in our showroom


Price from £5495.00 inc VAT

Technical Specification

  • Weight of the system 223 kg
  • Optimal usage range, evaluated by Stûv 5 - 11 kW
  • Consumption range in wood/hour at 12% humidity, evaluated by Stûv 1.4 - 3.1
  • Efficiency at 5 kW > 80 %
  • Efficiency at 11 kW > 80 % 
  • CO emission at 5 kW < 0,12 %
  • CO emission at 11 kW < 0,10 %
  • Particles emission (mg/Nm3), measurement method based on din +34 mg/Nm³
  • Length of logs, horizontal position 50 cm
  • Conforms to the standard Patent n° EP1445541
  • DEFRA approved
  • Outside air connector available (additional £101..00)


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