Stûv 30 Compact

Stuv 30 Compact

Stuv 30 Compact

No photos or words can truly describe the beauty of this range of stoves.  Seeing is believing and all we can say is come and see for yourself. These stoves really are in a class of their own.  Stûv are a Belgian company.  They manufacture a whole range of very sophisticated stoves - at present, we have just two on display. 

The 30 Compact (the stove is so much more exciting than its name suggests!!) is available in a variety of sizes, including wall-mounted and an insert version.  

Outstanding in every way, these stoves have the option to be 3-1. With a simple turn, you can change the stove from glass fronted, to a fully enclosed slow burner, to an open fire! 

And you can even choose the direction the stove faces by rotating it through 360degs.

Even though this is quite a complex stove, they have kept the style simple, sleek and unfussy with the emphasis being on a totally uninterrupted view of the flames.  

Ours is a standard 30 Compact (the most popular) and one of our working models.   If you want to see what the fuss is all about, then give us a call before you come over and we'll make sure we light it for you.  


Price from £2995.00 inc VAT (for MONO version - glass stove mode only)

or from £3995.00 for the '3 in 1' version

Technical Specification


  • Weight of the system - 114 kg
  • Optimal usage range, evaluated by Stûv - 3 - 9 kw
  • Consumption range in wood/hour at 12% humidity, evaluated by Stûv - 0,8 - 2,5 kg/h
  • Efficiency at rated power with glass door and without a fan - 81 %
  • CO emission depending on usage mode with glass door - < 0,09 %
  • Particle emissions (mg/Nm3), measurement method based on din + - < 25 mg/Nm3


The Stûv 30 collection looks a bit like this...........

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