Our Stoves

Need help choosing the right stove?  There are so many woodburning stoves on the market that at first, making a choice can seem daunting.  But making the right choice is extremely important....so let us help!  Our FAQ page should help with all queries regarding the choosing and maintenance of your ideal stove.  Any other questions - contact us direct!

Once you've decided on the tech stuff, the next most important consideration is 'What do you want it to look like?'  We've grouped our stoves into 'style' groups so choose the style which most closely matches your idea of your dream stove, and then scroll through our suggestions.

If you are after a stove which will heat your water and /or fuel your central heating then choose the Boiler option near the bottom of the page.

If you're after a bargain,you may find what you are looking for on our Ex-Display page - at the bottom of the page.

If you know which stove manufacturer interests you in particular, then click on the appropriate logo to go straight to our collection of that manufacturers' stoves.