Stove Installation



We no longer carry out stove installations 'in-house' but we are very happy to recommend a local installer. Nick Wright, a lovely guy, HETAS qualified and with many years of experience will carry out all types of installations including the standard chimney lining installation with or without fireplace alterations - minor and major - rebuilding and repairing chimney stacks, constructing complete internal and external flue systems.....

If you are thinking of having a stove installed, we suggest your first step is to come into the showroom, have a chat with our staff, get a feel for the types of stoves we do and get an idea of the cost and work implications involved in the installation.   The next step would be to have a survey carried out at your property (either by an installer of your own choice or the one recommended by us).  Nick would quote a firm price for the installation and give some suggestions of stoves which would work particularly well for you.

If you decided to go ahead we would ask for payment of the stove upfront - all installation costs would obviously be paid direct to the installer.