Stove Installation



Our stove installations are either carried out 'in-house' or by a great couple of guys (Dave and Mike) who we've worked very closely with for a number of years.  As well as the standard chimney lining installation we also carry out fireplace alterations - minor and major - rebuilding and repairing chimney stacks, constructing complete internal and external flue systems.....

If you are thinking of having a stove installed, we suggest your first step is to come into the showroom, have a chat with our staff, get a feel for the types of stoves we do and get an idea of the cost and work implications involved in the installation.   The next step would be to have a survey carried out at your property - free of charge.  You will then be quoted a firm price for the installation and given some suggestions of stoves which will work particularly well for you.

If you decide to go ahead we will ask for payment of the stove upfront - all installation costs are not due until after completion. If you require help with additional services ie. scaffolding (only a small percentage of jobs require this),  plastering, waste disposal, gas plumber etc, then we are happy to make suggestions or even organise on your behalf.

We are HETAS registered to carry out both chimney lining and independent flue system installations.  Please note, we are not registered to install boiler stoves, but if you wish to purchase a boiler stove from us we are happy to recommend a suitable engineer.