Garden Furniture

Although we are always sad to let the stoves go out at the end of the winter, we are not sad for long! Come March, we get busy in the showroom, clearing some space to make way for our fabulous range of garden furniture.  

Cast Aluminium

This year (2016) we have on display a beautiful Cast Aluminium dining set - this Casino range is in a cinnamon colour - gorgeous!

Dining sets can be made up with round or rectangular tables, with sizes ranging from 4 to 10 seaters.

Price for the set as displayed is £1299.00 (includes Table 1.37m + 6 Armchairs + Seat Pads)

Here are some other options available in this range.......

Reclaimed Teak & Rattan

We also have a 'rustic meets contemporary' combination of reclaimed teak tables and rattan armchairs.

York Reclaimed Teak tables are available round or rectangular, sizes range from 4 to 10 seaters.  They are extremely attractive, chunky tables - the table tops are 12cm thick and the legs are 11cm.  They are finished with a black wash which gives a superb finish.  Highly durable and weather resistant - these tables are designed for outdoors but would look equally stunning inside!  The addition of these Crocodile Nest (I know,......who on earth chose that name!!) outdoor rattan armchairs makes a perfect dining set.

The set we have displayed is a 4 seater (square table 90cm x 90cm + 4 x rattan armchairs & cushions) priced at £1100.00Champagne is extra!


Here are some more options in this reclaimed teak range.....

Burmese Teak

And of course, as always, we have the hugely popular Burmese teak collections - stunning, tactile and, contrary to popular belief, very easy to look after.  No teak oil needed -in fact we insist you don't use it!

We have chosen the Malvern range of Burmese teak this year - very chunky, heavy and solid.  The tables are available Round, Rectangular or Oval - Fixed, Folding or Extending and range in size from 2 to 12 seaters!  Chairs are more like 'thrones' - huge and shaped for perfect comfort, even without the seatpads.  Benches range from 2 to 8 seaters and are again, extremely comfortable and just gorgeous to look at!  A choice of coloured seat pads are available for all benches and chairs.if required. 

Image shows oval table extending from 2.4 to 2.7 to 3.0m.  With 6 diner chairs and 2 armchairs price £2699.99

Image shows oval table extending from 2.4 to 2.7 to 3.0m.  With 6 diner chairs and 2 armchairs price £2699.99



Our current display table is an chunky extending oval (extends from 1.8m to 2.4m), and with 2 armchairs and 4 diner chairs positioned around it, it really does make a set 'fit for a king' (and queen!). We have our display set on a special offer at £2100.00! That's a saving of £300.00 of normal suite offer price (and a whopping £493.00 of the full indiviual price!) -  an exceptional bargain!



A number of options are available with different sized and shaped tables...

and we can put together some huge dining sets........

Outdoor Sofas & Armchairs

Relaxing in the garden doesn't have to be just about dining though - how about "chillin' out" on this truly luxurious outdoor sofa set....

Created from synthetic water hyacinth, these armchairs and sofas look stunning, cope with all weathers (including the cushions!) and are so comfortable!.  Stylish and practical at the same time.  The cushions are available in a range of colours - please ask for details.

And if you're after a complete set, we can work out a discounted price for you

Garden Accessories

And what about something just a wee bit different! 

Our garden treasures never fail to delight!  Somethings are just meant to make us smile!!  

Come and see our range - it's changing all the time so if there's a particular item you are interested in, give us a call first to make sure we've got it in stock.  (the VW Campervan Cool-Box is over a metre long by the way - got to be the 'koolist' ice box on anyone's patio!)