My chimney is lined with clay liners - are these ok to use with a stove?

Possibly, yes. We can carry out a smoke test to check that the clays are in good condition and not going to leak fumes etc and also check that a solid connection can be made from the stove flues to the base of the clay liner.

We would point out though that clays aren’t necessarily the best liners to use with a stove. They are very cold, with no insulation, which is not conducive to the rising of flue gases from the stove to the top of the stack. This can also sometimes be a contributory factor with tar problems.

We would in fact nearly always recommend that you have your chimney lined with an insulated liner (ie. flexible stainless steel). No two jobs are the same however and we will discuss your particular chimney situation in detail, covering all options, whilst carrying out the stove installation site survey.