How do I know that the logs from my local log supplier are truly seasoned?

‘Green’ or ‘unseasoned’ logs will feel heavier and denser than properly seasoned ones. Dry seasoned logs feel bone dry to touch and have a light, airy feel to them. They can sound almost hollow when you tap them.

Logs which are delivered on an open truck, in the rain, will often turn up looking very wet. If a seasoned log gets a soaking however, it will dry out very quickly as the moisture is only on the surface.  Point out the condition of the logs to your supplier and get his assurance that if they don’t dry out once stored under cover, he will refund you. Bring them in, a basket at a time, to dry out by the fire. If they still feel heavy and damp after a day in the dry, and they cause problems when burning, call your log supplier back.

A Moisture Meter is a good investment – it takes all the uncertainty away as you, and your log supplier can immediately see what the moisture content of each log is – no argument there! Alternatively, purchase kiln dried logs which have a guaranteed very low moisture content, burning incredibly cleanly and providing a super high heat.