Contura i5

Contura are our latest addition to the range of stove we offer at M Davies.  We have started with 2 working models and 2 more on display.  And I have to say, we are very, very impressed!  We love the look - so stylish and contemporary without being gimmicky! But what's impressed us even more than the look is the way the Contura stoves burn the fuel.  Superb control, fabulous flame patterns and super efficient.  The stoves we have on display are a good representation, but there are a lot more to choose from. Come and see what you think!  I don't think it will be long before we add a few more!

The Contura i5 can be purchased as an extremely stylish, modern insert stove - or choose the freestanding option and simply add 4 legs!  It is that simple!  The view of the flames, particularly though the single panoramic door, is mesmerising and the extra wide frontage gives the stove a feeling of size even it is not a particularly large stove.

Price of the Contura i5 depends on the look you choose



Contura i5 Panorama as displayed in our showroom

Contura i5 Panorama as displayed in our showroom

  • Heat output 3-9kw
  • 78% efficiency
  • Height 470mm
  • Width 550mm
  • Depth 433mm
  • Weight 78kg
  • Standard colour choice  - Black, Grey
  • Takes logs up to 35cm long


Optional Extras

  • Louvred grate
  • Hot air circulation grate
  • External air supply


For more details, please visit Contura's website at