Charnwood Island 3

The Islands are a Premier range of stoves produced by Charnwood.  They are particularly suitable for those seeking a simple, non fussy look - but with a double door.  We find that the Island stoves blend well with their surroundings and sit comfortably in either a modern or traditional setting.  The softly curved double doors give a great view of the fire and the various leg and stand options, make it very easy to find the perfect stove for your room.  We have the Island 1 and 3 on display in our showroom.  For details on the Island 2 and Island 2 Cooker Top, please visit the Charnwood website.


The Island 3 is the largest of the Island family.  12kw is a massive heat output so perfect for the extra large room or open plan area. Clean lines, superb view of the fire and like the other Islands adapts well to any setting.  A really good choice for those wanting traditional double doors, without the quaintness of the traditional look.  Great for a fireplace setting with either low or high legs,  or a freestanding installation if you choose the Store Stand option.  Complete with the Charnwood riddling grate as standard, this is a very easy and user friendly stove.  You control the air supply with one lever and the stove does all the clever bits for you!  Good sized ashpan and excellent riddling system make it super controllable and very easy to keep clean.  

Now available with the latest 'BLU' Ecodesign technology as a small optional extra, you can choose to have one of the most environmentally friendly stoves currently available.

The price of the Island 3 depends on the legs/stand you choose to go with it and whether you add the latest 'BLU' (SIA Ecodesign ready) technology



Material:  Plate steel, cast iron, firebrick, ceramic glass
Dimensions: Click here to view the dimensions of the Island 3 with the variances according to different leg/stand options

Charnwood Island 3, with Standard Legs, as displayed in our showroom

Charnwood Island 3, with Standard Legs, as displayed in our showroom

  • Nominal 12kw heat output
  • Top or Rear 178mm (7") Flue Outlet
  • Takes logs up to 550mm (21.5") long
  • Single air control
  • Quattroflow air management system
  • Converting riddling grate
  • One tool to riddle the grate and remove the ashpan
  • Cool to touch handle for safe and easy re-loading
  • Drop down throat plate enabling the chimney to be swept through the stove


Optional Extras

Colour Options

Charnwood stoves are available in black as standard - or choose from a range of 7 alternative colours for an additional £93.60)

And don't forget that as a Premier Charnwood dealer, all Charnwood stoves purchased from us are covered by their exclusive 10 year guarantee!



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