Charnwood Country 4

Charnwood's Country range of stoves has been around for decades, and although improved technology is reflected in their more modern stoves, the Country range is still as popular as ever.  The full range includes Country 4, 6, 8, 12 - plus dedicated boiler models. We have just the Country 4 and 6 on display in our showroom - please visit the Charnwood  website for information on the full range.

We particularly love this little stove and is remains one of our customers' favourites too.  The Charnwood Country 4 is a pretty little stove, with an amazing view of the flames.  A traditional spinning wheel on the door controls the primary air supply and you have the option to fit a front shelf to catch ashes. This is the perfect stove if you have a narrow hearth as the depth of the Country 4 is only 242mm.  


Country 4 Woodburner - £804.00 inc VAT

Country 4 Multifuel  - £954.00 inc VAT

Charnwood Country 4 in Brown

Charnwood Country 4 in Brown


Material:  Plate steel, cast iron, ceramic glass


  • Nominal 4.8kw heat output
  • Top or rear 125mm (5") Flue Outlet
  • Takes logs up to 330mm (13") long
  • Cleanburn airwash technology
  • Cool-to-touch handle for safe and easy reloading
  • Drop down throat plate enabling the chimney to be swept through the stove

Optional Extras

  • Riddling grate can be added to convert from woodburning only, to multifuel. Price (if purchased separately) £150.00
  • Add in steel boiler for a small radiator/domestic hot water. Price £180.00
  • Add in stainless steel boiler for a small radiator/domestic hot water. Price £312.00
  • Flue boiler. Price £372.00
  • Rear Heat Shield. Price £132.00
  • Clip-on front shelf (as shown in image above). Price £45.60
  • Vertical rear flue adaptor. Price £102.00
  • Smoke reducing kit available. Price £40.80


Colour Options

Charnwood stoves are available in black as standard - or choose from a range of 7 alternative colours for an additional £93.60)

And don't forget that as a Premier Charnwood dealer, all Charnwood stoves purchased from us are covered by their exclusive 10 year guarantee!



For more details, please visit Charnwood's website at