Charnwood Arc

New and exciting, the Charnwood Arc incorporates technology born from 3 years of research.  Unbelievably clean burning, the Arc ticks all boxes for current and even future criteria.  We have a feeling the Arc will 'spark' (sorry!) the creation of yet another range of stunning, modern stoves from the ever evolving Charnwood family.  This one really is a little beauty!

Beneath the ARC’s clean, modern lines lies an innovative new combustion system that ensures the stove burns exceptionally clean with outstanding efficiency. The ARC simplifies the process of burning wood and smokeless fuels setting the bench mark for a new generation of stoves. Fuel saving: over 80% efficient when burning wood or smokeless fuel. Environmentally friendly: exceptionally low smoke emissions. Exceeding the new Eco Design standards and DEFRA exemption limits.  All we can say is......WOW!


Charnwood Arc 5, Multifuel with Standard Low Stand - £1632.00 inc VAT

Charnwood Arc, Multifuel with Store Stand - £1746.00 inc VAT



Material:  Plate steel, cast iron, firebrick, ceramic glass
Dimensions: Click here to view the dimensions of the Arc with the variances according to different stand options


Charnwood Arc, with Store Stand, as displayed in our showroom

Charnwood Arc, with Store Stand, as displayed in our showroom

  • Nominal 5kw heat output
  • Top or Rear 125mm (5") Flue Outlet
  • Takes logs up to 290mm (12") long
  • Side and rear convection panels fitted as standard allows install into tight spaces by reducing distance to combustibles to 80mm
  • Flexible fuel choice with an adjustable converting grate for wood and multi-fuel.
  • Single air control
  • Quattroflow air management system
  • Drop down throat plate enabling the chimney to be swept through the stove
  • DEFRA approved so allowing wood to be burnt in smokeless zones.


Optional Extras



Colour Options

Charnwood stoves are available in black as standard - or choose from a range of 7 alternative colours for an additional £93.60)

And don't forget that as a Premier Charnwood dealer, all Charnwood stoves purchased from us are covered by their exclusive 10 year guarantee!



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