Calor Cylinder Categories

When exchanging a Calor gas cylinder, you will need to exchange cylinders within the same category.  If you wish to swap your cylinder for one that is in a different category, there will be a deposit charge applicable on the new cylinder.  If you have your copy of the Calor Refill Agreement, let us know and where applicable we can refund the appropriate amount due on your return cylinder.

Here are the cylinder categories and relevant deposit charges

Category A (£39.95) - Butane 4.5kg & Propane 3.9kg

Category B (£39.95) - Butane 7kg & Propane 6kg

Category C (£39.95) - Patio Propane 5kw & Patio Propane 13kg

Category D (£39.95) - Butane 15kg & Propane 13kg

Category E (£59.99) - Propane 47kg & Propane 19kg & Propane Forklift 18

If you have any queries on Calor cylinder categories and deposits, please contact us.