Boiler Stoves

Some roomheating stoves can have boilers added to them.  In this case, the stove retains its original output, but now splits the heat between the room it's sitting in and the water (either for just Domestic Hot Water or, if big enough, for DHW and up to maybe 5 or more radiators). Other stoves are manufactured as boilers from the word go. These stoves tend to be big and mighty and are serious suppliers of heat for DHW and up to maybe 9 or 10 radiators.  The list below is ordered by price (cheapest first), but this is also an indication of power, so if you're looking for the big and mighty, head to the bottom of the page!

Remember, you need to get the heat split (between room and water) correct for your home - talk to a heating engineer, or get in touch with us.  

The stoves are listed in price order, starting with the lowest.